Illustration: Curtain Goes Up
The mission of August Art is to create a unique, accessible space for exchange between emerging and existing artists in New York City. The annual August Art Festival series is devoted to showcasing work from — and fostering communication between — up-and-coming artists and established veterans of the local art community.

August Art 2001 was a pan-genre installation and performance event that exhibited the work of 120 artists and performers over three days in August 2001, featuring work in visual art, theatre, music, spoken word, movement and moving image. The festival occupied 34,000 square feet of a gallery and performance space on West 42nd Street, donated by its owner, Rawspace. Over two thousand interested viewers attended August Art 2001.

August Art 2002 will be a ten-day festival from August 24 through September 2, 2002 at the same venue, Rawspace, featuring work in the following genres: visual art, theatre, music, digital art and moving image.

Interested artists are encouraged to contact the curators listed on the GENRES page. Artists may submit work in more than one genre.

Everyone is invited to join us for ten days of visual and audio stimulation this summer!